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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pet Lovers Forum

Again a blog by Author, but this site is completely different from earlier -Torrents Guide. Here he shows his softer side. His words convey his love for Animals and Pets.

"Pet Lovers Forum is a wonderful place to advertise your love for animals, to everyone. Here you can share pictures, videos and articles about your beloved pet. Animals, too have feelings, and they reciprocate your love well. Many of us treat them as a member of our family, and can't believe a day without them.
I through my site would like to give you a place where you can show your love for them with no holds bar."

My opinion is that no doubt this site is great but may be due to lack of enthusiasm by animal lovers, Author has started posting funny animal videos. Still if you go through first 3-4 articles where we have actual posts from various animal lovers, you would want this site not to go down as also-ran.
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